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Neurofeedback for ADHD, Anxiety, Sleep

Neurofeedback is a revolutionary new method that restores balance to brain functioning. It is safe, holistic and produces no side effects.

Client Testimonial for Bay Area Neurofeedback
"After suffering severe burn injuries in an explosion, I suffered a dangerous degree of sleep deprivation. The hospital and doctors tried to treat me with a host of sleep and anxiety medications, but they could not overpower the post-traumatic stress and flashbacks, and only left me feeling distorted and confused. A psychologist had the sense to refer me to Carl Shames for neurofeedback. I must admit I thought it would never work. However, to my surprise, I found myself getting progressively sleepy in the evening after the first three treatments. I thought, could it be? Sure enough, after a few treatments, it was certain: neurofeedback worked like a dream. I am truly amazed, and very grateful to have found Carl Shames."

Millions of adults and children suffer from insomnia, anxiety, mood disorders and depression. Growing numbers of children have cognitive problems, ADHD, autism, are hypersensitive or over-reactive. Adults may suffer from chronic difficulties such as pain, fatigue and addictions. PTSD is a rapidly growing issue, for survivors of childhood trauma and returning vets. Millions of people are dependent on psychoactive medication, the only recognized treatment for these difficulties.

Neuroscience shows that the common factor in all these problems is a brain that is not functioning or self-regulating properly. The brain itself must be healed.

Neurofeedback - brainwave biofeedback - is the leading new method that does just this. In a very simple procedure, the brain is taught to improve its ability to function. In the process, some difficulties are resolved very quickly, while others may take much longer, possibly requiring a more comprehensive program of therapies.

Success Stories From Clients
"Carl Shames uses a technique called neurofeedback that has had dramatic results with my 24 year old daughter. She has suffered from generalized anxiety and anxiety attacks for almost 5 years, and has tried many different things to get relief from her symptoms. After just 2 sessions with Dr. Shames, she reported significant improvement. She returned for 3 more sessions for some fine tuning and has been virtually anxiety-free since then. This treatment has made a huge difference in her life, and I believe will continue to do so."

"I'd like to write in behalf of Carl Shames, PhD and his profound work in neurofeedback. I first used his services a few years ago for my adopted son, who had severe enuresis, PTSD and learning challenges. After a few sessions my son was calmer and not wetting the bed and able to complete school work without drama. At this point I tried a few sessions to help my menopausal symptoms and especially with insomnia. It was amazing how fast I was able to get a full night’s sleep and therefore most of the other symptoms melted away. I experienced clarity and calmness similar to what I would receive after several days on a meditation retreat.

In recent years I’ve referred two different young women who both suffered from severe ADHD and not able to read, follow up on job search and complete any courses at their local community colleges. Both of these young women now enjoy reading. One is working at her local grocery store and enrolled in classes and the other is enrolled in her local community college and pursuing employment. Both of these young women had remarkable improvement in self esteem as a result of their successes.

I believe neurofeedback is an amazing adjunct to traditional therapy. Dr. Shames is a compassionate, wise and quite knowledgeable professional who works well with clients and other professionals to help in the healing process of various psychological/neurological conditions."

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- Carl Shames, PhD